Powerful Customer Support and Ticket Management Software

Scale your support team, increase customer satisfaction and resolve tickets efficiently with Zogata’s powerful customer support software.

Feature-rich, Intuitive Customer Support Software

Zogata’s Customer Support Software integrates powerful automations and ticket management tools, so you can manage all support-related issues on a single platform. Make your customers happy and grow business faster.

Zogata Ticket Management

Zogata Ticket Management

Zogata ticket management system is a web-based help desk software that allows you to easily manage and respond to customer support inquiries that arrive through different channels (phone, e-mail, web) by creating tickets.

Zogata Chat Support

Zogata Chat Support

Customer support is equally important as marketing and sales. Redefine your customer support with Zogata’s comprehensive software tool.

Reports & Dashboards

Reports & Dashboards

Reports provide a quick view into how your support organization is doing. You can quickly get a wealth of data that will allow you to take the best decisions for your business and your customers.

Support Widget

Support Widget

Chat, Ticket, Knowledge Base Search and FAQ Search- all functionalities integrated into single Support Widget of Zogata...

Private Notes

Collaborate behind the scenes with notes that only you and your team can see.

Ticket Statuses

Know where every ticket position by applying ticket types like Open, Pending or Closed.

Customer Support History

Customer Support History

See the full support history of every customer without having to search.

File Attachments

Attach photos or documents up to 19.5MB by dragging them right into the ticket.

Mass Actions

Batch ticket changes to avoid having to repeat the same action over and over.

Calendar and Task Management

Calendar and Task Management

Organize, prioritize, and work through your sales activities—all in one place.

Ticket Priorities

Help your team tackle the most important problems first by assigning ticket priorities.

Custom Profiles

View data from your CRM, billing software, internal CMS or any other third-party app.


Organize tickets or tag them for future reference, just like you do with email. Break your team into smaller groups to better handle ticket responsibilities and better support.


Keep your team into smaller groups to better handle ticket responsibilities.

Canned Replies

Keep the best answers to common questions at your fingertips, and easily insert them into any ticket to make it ease