Drip Marketing

Deliver Automatic Email Drip to Recent Subscribers!

Building a brand demands consistent engagement with audience over time.

Zogata’s powerful drip marketing platform lets you send pre-written drip emails to customers or subscribers over time. These “drips” follow pre-determined timings and emails are dripped in a series according to specific behavior of the customer on your website.


Drip Marketing Campaigns

Nurture your leads!

Zogata’s Drip Email Marketing Platform lets you create automated drip campaigns to build strong relationships with your leads without any sort of coding! To launch a drip campaign, you need to specify lead behaviors, actions or time span and choose from myriads of triggers to send drip emails to right leads at right time!

Dynamic Content

Unique Content for each subscriber!

Dynamic Content is all about personalization at scale. The custom data received from subscribers is used to send personalized, unique content to each subscriber, all from single email.

Single Mail, Unlimited Possibilities

Drag and Drop whole sections of content blocks, personalized texts, call-outs and other hyper-personalized content for your list of subscribers, in just one mailing.


Drag and Drop Automation Flow Builder

Build automated drips in no time!

Our Drip Marketing Automation features impressive Drag and Drop Email Builder to automatically boost Audience Engagement! It lets you create fascinating email campaigns within minutes. Build engaging automated drip emails based on different conditions and actions.

Trigger next action automatically, depending on the clicks and opens of your drip emails.

Segmentation for Targeted Content

Segment Email lists for better targeting!

Easily create segments with Zogata drip marketing platform based on subscriber's activity such as opens, clicks, purchases, tags, visits, location and so on.

Create dynamic subscriber segments of new and existing subscribers to send personalized and relevant content to each one of them. Delivering right drip emails at right time will help increase revenues.

Only Send Tailored Content

Content in mail will dynamically change depending on the recipient. Each subscriber will only see that which is tailored just for them. To earn leads, you need to serve readers’ interests. Whether you’re offering updates, blog posts, newsletters or anything, make sure you give your audience what they want.

Send Drip Emails at Set Schedules

Timing is Everything!

To produce best results, Zogata lets you send automated drip emails at ideal and scheduled times. That is to boost clicks and open rates and generate leads!

A/B Testing

Perform multiple A/B tests to know which drip email marketing campaigns will give maximum results. Use crisp call-to-action buttons and active language in every drip email to prompt readers to take action and increase responds.

Ecommerce Drip Marketing made easy with Zogata Drip Campaigns!

Drip Marketing Campaign software is extremely helpful for bloggers offering training programs via time delayed emails. Or, SaaS product companies that target a user with time delayed set of drip emails!