Ecommerce Analytics


Track customer acquisition, customer retention and conversions- all with Zogata’s Ecommerce Analytics Software. Never lose track of your business KPIs.

Zogata’s Ecommerce Analytics includes comprehensive set of tools to generate reports of visitor metrics, order metrics, revenue trends, product & cart performance and so much more. These interactive reports and dashboards will help you identify key order trends and shape future marketing strategies better.

With Zogata’s Ecommerce Analytics, you can:

  • Get complete view of customer engagements through segments
  • Monitor revenues generated from all marketing channels at one place
  • Understand overall store performance
  • Track customer behavior on your site and convert them into sales insights
  • Build nurturing campaigns to target customers who’ve abandoned carts, are about to sleep or are losing contact with your site.

Our Ecommerce Analytics is deliberately designed to help businesses provide excellent customer experience and improve their brand value altogether.

In the following features, you will understand which data points matter most to your site, how to measure them and how to use these insights to drive to more online sales.



For target marketing or planning new promotion, every marketer needs to segment and target customers precisely. To prevent wastage of your marketing investment, it is essential to target specific group of customers in order to instigate high conversion rate. Targeting myriads of customers unnecessarily might degrade your brand value and not reap much benefits.

Zogata’s RFM analysis precisely segments your customers and helps you target these segments with personalized marketing efforts.

Each customer is assigned a score based on their monetary value, recency and frequency. This way, brands can easily recognize customers through their RFM score. Customers with high RFM score are more likely to respond to your new promotions and offers.

Zogata’s RFM analysis helps businesses to segment customers and provide best offers to them depending on their profile. These segments are:

Zogata’s RFM analysis helps businesses to segment customers and provide best offers to them depending on their profile. These segments are:

New customers
Customers whose overall RFM score is high but have a frequency score of 1. You can provide special customized offers to improve their visits.
Customers who have a high RFM score overall in terms of frequency, recency as well as monetary value
Loyal Customers
High frequency and recency score
Potential Loyalist
This denotes number of visitors who are new to your website and have never visited your site before.
High monetary value
High monetary value
About to Sleep
low frequency and recency score
Customer needing attention
low recency score
Can’t lose them
overall low RFM score
At risk
High monetary value
customers who are completely unengaged

Such insights will help businesses to plan campaigns and provide targeted offers to each customer segment. Thereby, boosting customer engagements and conversion.



With Zogata’s Customer Lifecycle report, businesses can keep tabs on all metrics related to customer segments. These reports will also help you understand how your business is performing on hourly and day-to-day sales.

  • Understand best customer personas and personalize the experience for the ideal customer segments.
  • Analyze every metric closely at individual-level such as Orders placed, Products sold, GMV and more for selected timespan.
  • See real-time customer actions prior to reaching out such as promotions used, purchase history, lifetime orders, etc. Empower your teams to boost efficiency in their workflows and deliver tailored experience to customers.
  • Everything you need to know about customer segments is displayed on single dashboard. Which means marketing and sales teams can spend less time with data, and focus more on putting these insights intelligence to use.
  • Uncover things such as what marketing channels are driving best customers, who are your highest spenders, and you can optimize your campaigns accordingly to boost more revenues.

Segmenting customers into various groups will allow you to organize your entire customer base precisely and give tailored discounts and offers to them. Clicking on a specific customer segment will take you to complete customer details report. Here you will find minute information about each one of them.



The Abandoned Cart Report will provide significant statistics on cancelled carts- where a customer added products to their cart but did not complete the order. After 24 hours of inactivity, Zogata’s ecommerce analytics will consider this action as cart abandonment.

These reports will display statistics regarding all carts that were abandoned by users as well as guests.

  • If cart was abandoned by customers who submitted their contact information during checkout or were logged in into their account, you can further connect with them to complete the left order.
  • Send nurturing emails or text messages to customers who’ve abandoned cart and invite them to complete the order. This feature is called Sales Recovery.

Sales Recovery Reports will show statistics regarding top abandoned products, how often they’re abandoned, revenue related to these items and how many were recovered and converted.

With these reports, you can:

  • See performance of each product over time
  • Use this information and integrate it with A/B testing such as try updating product descriptions, add more high-quality product images, change pricing of products and so on. This will help you minimize cart abandonments and boost conversion.


Zogata’s Revenue and Trends feature provides advanced revenue insights and trends through engaging dashboards. You can drill down on unique insights such as Product views, Added to Cart, Removed from Cart, Initiated Checkout, Order Placed, Product

Sold, Revenue generated and GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) sold over specific period of time.

Real-time reports and dashboards will clearly and precisely display all the information needed to drive marketing and sales efforts. Create key processes with these insights and identify trends that work best for your business.

Our Revenue and Trends feature is built to help businesses manage high-volume environment, whilst retaining linear scalability.

Revenue and Trends Analytics will provide information on past, present and estimated future trends. Use this tool to identify which trends have long-term or immediate impact on your sales.

Key benefits of our Revenue and Trends analytics include:

  • Get complete 360° visibility into important metrics such as product views, total revenues, number of orders, cart abandonments related to specific products, successful orders, units sold and more.
  • Increase revenue with insights by forecasting performance of products and campaigns.
  • Identify which marketing channels are best revenue drivers and plan future expansion of campaigns accordingly.

Our system will generate various pre-built reports, so you can drill down to any of the parameters or KPIs and measure product performance.



Breaking down revenue analytics will help you measure performance of marketing campaigns over time and estimate future outcomes.

Zogata executes revenue analysis on:

New vs Returning customers
This report will show where your customers are coming from and the percentage of new vs returning customers. You will also get to know their total spend on recent orders.
Payments Methods
Merchants can enhance their ecommerce capabilities by offering seamless shopping experience. And, payment methods lie at the heart of this experience, as it is one of the key elements that greatly impact your revenues. Optimize payment method in order to strengthen customer relationships and drive online revenues. For that, businesses need to:
  • Optimize overall design of payment pages
  • Provide local forms of payment to ideal customer segments
  • Provide 1-click payments to drive sales
  • Make use of 3D secure payment methods to generate incremental revenues

Zogata’s Payment Methods Revenue Analytics will provide valuable insights as to which of your payment methods derive success.

Order Status
Zogata’s Order Status analytics helps organizations to enhance their supply side performance and make better IT decisions. Zogata will update Order Statuses in real-time, so the revenue generated is calculated accurately without considering ‘cancelled’ or ‘refunded’ orders.
Coupon Code
Track revenues generated from coupon codes and measure performance of each one of them. Know which coupon codes work best for your business.
Zogata Ecommerce Analytics offers detailed location-specific demographic data about your customers. Such analytics will create opportunities for marketers to know where their potential customers are located. Hence, they can make improvements in their content, marketing and advertising accordingly.

View these Revenue Breakdown Reports by month, week or day to understand what time period generates highest revenues for your website.



Funnel Reports measures actions of customers carried out on your website prior to completing their purchase. Use this report to determine bottlenecks in the purchase workflows and accordingly build strategies to discard these issues.

Our Funnel Reports can be divided into two main analysis sections:

Shopping Cart Funnel
Zogata’s Funnel Reports provide analytics data about your Shopping Cart. Know Cart Abandonments, Items added to cart and Successfully Placed Orders.
Product Funnel
Product Funnel Analytics provides valuable insights as to which product has maximum views, which products are added to cart, which ones are removed and placed orders.

Each step of the funnel moves the customer closer to purchase. Checking these reports regularly will help you monitor what customers are doing on your website and what are the actions taken by them.

With these insights, you can:

  • Identify major changes in customer behavior
  • See how improvements in funnel steps will impact total purchases
  • Know which step in the funnel is best to invest resources
  • Monitor which funnel step is most trending over time

Overall goal of Funnel Reports is to understand how cart funnel and product funnel steps impact conversion rates and which areas of the funnel require your attention.



Behavior report focuses on individual pages of your site, instead of entire website. Get an overview of individual page views, average time spent on every page, unique page views, exit rate and bounce rate.

Behavior flow
Visualize the path that your site visitors follow from one page to another. This report will let you understand which content is most engaging and which pages cause exits.
Site Content
This section has set of reports showing how visitors engage with individual pages on your site. All Pages report will show what content is most popular on your site along with average revenues generated from each page. On the other hand, Landing Pages report displays which pages are most popular on your site and are most likely to convert visitors into potential leads or sales. Lastly, Exit Pages report show last pages your visitors view before leaving your site. Use these insights to know what you can do retain visitors on your site for a longer period.
Site Speed
Want to check the performance of your website? This section has important set of reports that highlights areas of your site that need improvement and optimization. See Average Page Load Time, Average Redirection Time, Average Server Connection Time, Average Server Response Time, Average Page Download Time- all through Zogata’s single platform.
Site Search
Site Search metrics will capture how many visitors use the search box on your site, which terms are most searched, categories and pages where visitors carried out a search. Usage reports will denote whether a search box is increasing or decreasing factors such as average time, bounce rate on your website and conversions. Also, Search Terms report will display keywords that were used into your site’s search box.
Events section will let you monitor and track specific interaction on your site such as file downloads, clicks on outbound links, video plays and more. This way, you will learn what resources your visitors are most interested in.


Zogata’s Keywords reports will let you know which keywords are driving most and best traffic to your site.

Here, organizations will be able to track:

Paid keywords
keywords that drive traffic through ad networks of search engines such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads.
Organic Keywords
keywords that will generate traffic from search results in any of the search engines such as Google or Bing. ‘Organic’ means that your website happens to be a good match in search results, without you paying for it.

Zogata’s Keywords reports will breakdown all the keywords into following sections, so you can understand your website audience better:

The keyword that is generally searched for
Amount of times a specific page of your website is shown in search results- for that specific keyword.
See number of clicks received by a specific page of your site, after being searched with that keyword.
Average position
Know the average position of your site’s page when searched for that keyword.
Click-Through-Rate (CTR) determines the percentage of time when your site’s page was clicked on, when shown for a specific keyword

Zogata’s Google Analytics Keyword tool comes really handy, as businesses can drill down into important keywords and see which phrases are driving what amount of traffic.



Customer behavior and sales data both are key elements that drive growth. With Zogata, all the actionable insights are centralized in one place, so you can take informed decisions.

Get insights for the specific time period about:

Page views
know which product or category page has maximum and minimum views. This will help you calculate conversion rate for each category/product.
Viewed products
which products were clicked-on and viewed by visitors
Added to cart
see which products were successfully added to cart. If % of ‘Viewed Products’ is higher than % of ‘Added to Cart’, then you might want to take a closer look at products, their descriptions and pricing.
Removed from cart
check % of products are removed from cart
Cart abandoned
monitor cart abandonment rate and speculate possible reasons behind sudden drops or rise in abandonment rate. Take insightful actions to further nurture and connect with customers so as to convert them into sales.
Product Sold
check number of units sold for a specific time span
total revenues generated from product sales
calculate Gross Merchandise Value of your products

Actionable insights help you create personalized marketing and sales campaigns based on customer history. Also, organizations can build effective loyalty programs to tap existing customer base.



Monitor each product’s merchandising report and review analytics data for selected timespan.

Zogata’s Ecommerce Analytics will further breakdown details of single product to help businesses get deeper view of their merchandise.

Under our Products feature, you get to see:

Total Views
check total views of each product
Revenue generated from units of products sold at individual level
Unique Purchases
‘unique purchase’ denotes total number of times a product was part of a transaction. However, it is not similar total number of units sold. In 1 Unique Purchase, quantity of units sold can be one or more. For example, if a product has 3 ‘Unique Purchases’, it means the product was bought 3 times at 3 unique, separate occasions with one or more units sold.

Such insights will provide detailed view into individual products, so you understand product performance and identify drivers behind sales. Know your best-selling and worst selling products and check how they impact your sales. Reevaluate your products to drive highest revenues.



Measure which internal promo codes are the best performers and which do not work for your business.

If marketing team is making use of promotional codes to boost sales, you can check how each promo code is performing and what revenues are generated from each one of them.

  • Know which promo codes are most popular on your site with high redeemed rate and high order generated rate
  • Forecast and plan your future marketing efforts accordingly
  • Filter reports of promo codes for specific timespan