Email marketing

Go beyond bulk emails with impeccable email marketing automation

An array of email automation tools are deliberately designed to send tailored emails to your contacts at the time when they’re most active, thereby aiding brand loyalty.

Backed with intuitive features and invaluable insights, you are ought to create engaging content every single time with Zogata!


Smart Email campaigns

Deliver smart email campaigns that get clicked and opened each time. We make sure your emails are optimized accordingly to drive revenues.

Design like A Pro!

Create mesmeric branded emails like a Pro with our innovative email marketing automation tools.

Zogata’s campaign builder is packed with modern features and has easy user-interface to deeply engage your audience.

Drag and Drop

Create emails that give life to your brand

Our highly responsive Drag-and-Drop Email Builder lets you design impressive templates in no time!

  • You get to add engaging, data-driven videos, pixel-perfect images, forms and much more to the layouts. And, you don’t have to be a tech genius for that!
  • Your masterpiece is sure to look beautiful in every inbox, be it on any device.

Wide Range of Templates

The possibilities are endless!

A suite of gorgeous, pre-designed email marketing templates are ready to get you started. Choose from infinite number of layouts and create something that tailor-suits your brand.

Our mobile-first templates ensure your campaigns look good on all devices.

Optimize Message Delivery

Don’t get lost in other emails!

With Optimized Message Delivery, your email won’t get buried amongst bunch of emails in your consumers’ inboxes. Emails will hit the inbox only when your subscriber is most active.


Segment and Target your Audience

No email blasting anymore!

Sending bulk emails with no personalized content in it, cannot build strong customer relationships and instigate engagements.

New to automated email marketing tool? No worries! We’re here to help:

  • Zogata’s advanced segmentation features lets you segment contacts with commonalities
  • Group contact lists based on their geolocation, known custom metrics, subscription date, subscriber engagement and so on
  • Create customized workflows to send relevant and targeted messages to right people, at right time
  • Include custom details, address your consumer by their name in email campaigns
Advanced Analytics

Get to know what’s working and what’s not!

With our advanced analytics dashboard, you can dig deep into your data and view valuable campaign reports to know what’s working best for you. Insightful reports will provide meaningful details- clicks, social shares, opens, reply rates, unsubscribes and more.

Moreover, you can define control groups to estimate success of your campaigns.

A/B Test Campaigns

Test your emails by sharing multiple variations with small groups. Modify imperfections and see what works best.

We will automatically send the winning campaign to your subscribers for better engagements.

Schedule Campaigns

Automate triggered emails by scheduling campaigns beforehand. Scheduled emails will automatically get delivered at predefined time, saving you a lot of time!