Lead Nurturing

Never miss out on opportunities to connect with your leads!

Lead Nurturing is an efficient way to educate and interact with potential customers throughout their sales journey. Marketers can send relevant and personalized content to every lead with automated lead management software. Thereby, improving efficiency of sales and driving high conversions.


Lead Nurturing Software

Make sure your brand is the first your leads think of, when they’re ready to buy!

Zogata's Lead Management Software is designed to increase engagement and sales by reaching out to right audience at right time!

Use B2B Lead Nurturing Software to effectively engage with your leads and make them move quickly down the sales funnel.

Connect at right Time

Lead interactions based on their interests and actions!

Make use of auto-response, hyper-personalized emails & SMSs the moment your leads enter the funnel. Our B2B web analytics software will allow for quick follow-ups, so you won’t miss out on opportunities.

Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Design Lead Nurturing Workflows Faster!

Based on the actions and interests of your leads, design your lead nurturing and engagement campaigns to make their buying journey faster with regular interactions.


Lead Nurturing Analytics

Know where your customers stand in sales funnel!

Our B2B Lead Management Software integrates Analytics tool, so businesses can understand how their lead nurturing campaigns are working at every stage of the funnel. Check open and click-through rates, all at one dashboard.

Define Lead Nurturing Goals

Set focused goals that define how you will identify your potential leads. Create contact lists and divide them into segments such as Cold leads, Hot leads, Pre-sign up leads, Non-sales-ready leads and so on.

Segment Customers

Separate out high-intent, rich set of customers based on their demographics, behavior, engagements and so on. Use these segments to define groups and target them with tailor-made content.

Automated Programs

Generate leads with our B2B Lead Generation Software. Target them!

Send relevant, automated emails and messages to potential leads based on different triggers such as company name, interactions, personas and so on. Reap maximum benefits from your customer database to re-engage with low-intent leads!

  • Understand where your leads are in the sales cycle
  • Segment leads as per their sales-readiness
  • Pass Hot Leads to Sales Team
  • Plan Lead Nurturing Campaigns
Scale Your Campaigns

Businesses are more likely to bag-in sales when their leads are interested and happy!

Zogata provides you with a solid lead nurturing platform with automation and analytics, so you can track the progress of your campaigns and check activity of each lead. You’ll also receive alerts and updates to respond quicker and interact with your high-intent leads.

Deeper insights, engaged leads and closed deals is what shapes an efficient sales process!