List Segmentation

Say No to Mass Emails and Machine-Like Marketing!

When it is about email marketing, email list segmentation tool is probably the best way to divide your entire customer base into target markets.

Zogata's list segmentation software takes this approach, so businesses and enterprises can deliver right message to the right audience that are more likely respond.


Segmentation- Secret to Empower Email Marketing

Sort. Segment. Target. Convert.

Gone are the days when marketing teams used to blast emails to their customers with same content throughout. Email list segmentation software has now made it possible for us to segment customers into groups and send them hyper-personalized content to get maximum responses.

Practice of list segmentation based on customer demographics, interests, location, engagement, etc. will help you interact directly with your customers, conveying exactly what they want at the right time!

Send Exactly What Audience Wants

Get personal!

Emails blasts are a big no-no for companies today! When you deliver personalized and relevant content to every single one of them, that's when they'll listen and are more likely to take action!

With Zogata's list segmentation tool, you can send emails with contextual content and spark conversations with customers.


Create Your Own Segments

Send messages to right people, at right time!

Either choose ready-made segments and send targeted messages right away, or you can create your own segmented contact list as per your desired criteria.

Segments get updated automatically in real-time. New contacts will be automatically added to the rule-based segments. So, you’ll know you are sending relevant content to right people, at right time.

Tags Make it More Easier

Flexible Way of Organizing Customers!

Create Tags to organize your customer base precisely, you can tag several contacts all at once, or you can assign different tags to a single contact. It’s your call!

It’s like attaching a tag note to your contact groups based on what you know about them. It can be anything like ‘Cold Call’, ‘Uses Coupons’, ‘Submitted Form’, ‘Product Influencer’ and so on. You can edit or customize these tag labels whenever!

Zogata’s List segmentation Tag feature lets you sort, group and send relevant automated messages to contacts as you’d like!


How to Segment Your Audience?

Every customer has unique taste and interests. Which is why, businesses need to interact with them differently. Collected Custom Data, Custom fields, Tags in Zogata’s List Segmentation Tool lets you create unlimited groups!

Segment customers based on their Visits, Information collected in custom fields, Interactions, Industry, Company name, Emails opened, Links clicked in emails, Personal Interests, Products Purchased, Location, Subscriptions and much more. Possibilities are nearly limitless!

Get Insights

Know your audience better!

Our effective segmentation tool helps you get deeper insights about who your customers are, all at one dashboard. Use Filter to view segmented lists based on their Country, Created dates, Contact Type, etc.

You can even add new contacts or import contacts, create new lists and view their activities via Main Dashboard.