Every organization needs to have a powerful platform where all their sales and marketing activities are integrated and managed effectively. This will allow businesses to avoid task failures, have consistent workflows and meet deadlines on time.

Zogata’s Task Management System is an effective platform where you can manage tasks and keep your team members in sync- all through single interface.



Task management is all about creating tasks, delegating subtasks to right team members, tracking tasks right from day one till it ends and setting up deadlines to finish off projects on time. Task Management is not just a to-do list, it has a lot more to it!

Zogata Task Management tool includes smart set of features to empower businesses, help them be more productive and work efficiently.


Do you ever feel perplexed as to which task to complete first? Instead of wasting time in making notes, searching for apps to record your to-do lists and going through tons of emails every day- why not manage it all through one place?

Zogata provides you with a compelling solution to create, prioritize your tasks, manage time effectively and hit deadlines on time.


Zogata offers a powerful Task Management Software that will reduce complexity of projects by managing and streamlining all your tasks.

Take full control of your projects with Zogata by:

  • Setting up tasks, subtasks in to-do list
  • Assigning and sharing tasks with team members
  • Attaching multiple files to tasks
  • Scheduling tasks in built-in Calendar
  • Receive daily emails regarding tasks lists
  • Sync everything across all devices


Zogata’s Single Screen Dashboard will centralize all your tasks and make project management more effective and easier. No chaos of projects!

  • See all your tasks and collaboration details in a single interface- including calendar, subtasks, project team members and so on.
  • Click on individual tasks to update, change status or modify tasks.


Zogata’s Task Management System is an integral part of our CRM, making sure best practices are followed to execute sales and marketing activities. Stay on top of your projects, improve team collaboration and hit deadlines without missing out on anything!



Create To-do List, follow its step-by-step progress and streamline all your tasks- Zogata’s task tracking system will do it all for you!

Now business team members can use our ‘to-do list’ feature to focus on important tasks, organize them and assign them to different agents. This ensures your tasks are all centralized at one place, so you can easily manage, prioritize and finish them off on time.

Stay On Top of Your Projects

Every team in an organization has myriads of tasks on the queue based on projects they work on. With so many tasks at hand, it can get a bit overwhelming to keep track. That’s when penning down tasks in to-do list is going to help you!

  • Note down important tasks
  • Prioritize tasks based on their urgency level
  • Record progress of tasks- all at single dashboard

Easy Access

Access your to-do list through desktops, tablets and even mobile phones- anywhere, anytime! Tasks included in to-do list will automatically be synced with all your authorized devices. This way, agents will have ultimate control of at-hand tasks and will be able to manage tasks better!



Upload files. Share. Enhance task workflows and stay organized.

File Sorting

Drop files into discussions or attach files to project tasks to securely share and store all your files within the related projects.

No need to juggle between various files and folders to find your document. Use ‘filter’ option to quickly sort out files you’re looking for, access them anytime and send them to other agents with just one click.


Team members can share comments to instigate discussions and collect feedbacks on files you’ve attached. Know that, you can attach a bunch of files at once through Zogata’s interface.



Make use of Zogata’s task scheduler software to schedule new tasks and reminders in our built-in calendar.

Scheduling Tasks and Events

Quickly add new events and to-do tasks such as pending follow ups, deadlines, phone calls, meetings, etc. to your calendar. Add notes to tasks such as priority type, due date, agent details to whom it’s assigned, in order to keep all the information at your fingertips.

Track Easily

Zogata’s Calendar View allows you to sort out open tasks month-by-month or week-by-week. This makes it easier to check and work on what’s upcoming.

Built into CRM

Calendar is built in our CRM software so businesses get to plan training sessions, meetings, calls with customers, demos with prospects and just about anything that’s business-related. Make use of ‘Group Calendar’ to schedule meetings or calls within group and check availability of your coworkers.

Reschedule and Never Lose Focus

Update tasks in calendar to automatically reschedule and prioritize your tasks. Smart reminders will notify you on time and help you stay focused.



Create tasks and simply send them through email messages to agents for further action. You can select email recipients, assign them tasks and check the progress for task completion.

Tasks via email

Recipients will receive email notifications whenever the status of a task is changed or task is updated.

Task Reminder and Notifications

Automatically receive daily emails with tasks lists at the start of each day to see what’s assigned to you that day. Also, get reminder emails about deadlines easily.

Zogata will automatically add reminders to your tasks such as- whenever an invoice is overdue, a meeting is scheduled or deal crosses its scheduled closure date. Team members can easily follow task updates through emails and leave comments on tasks by simply replying to the email.



Task Assignment helps teams to collaborate more effectively, making sure all tasks are streamlined, prioritized and nothing will seep through the cracks.

Zogata CRM lets you automate your contact data with Task Assignment tool, so you can manage, prioritize, assign and track tasks- all through single platform.

Contact-Related Tasks

Assign customer-related tasks or deals to individual team agents for better targeting and follow-ups.

Whenever a task is assigned, the team member will automatically receive an email including task details such as- name of the task, name of task creator, list of to-do tasks and an overview of the related customer or deal.

Streamline all data

Create, assign and track tasks- all whilst keeping feedbacks and attached files in one place. Break down large milestone-related projects into tasks and subtasks. Assign them to right agents, track progress through every step and achieve goals in time!