Form Builder

Spark Interactions. Collect information. Get feedbacks.

Zogata's Form Builder Software lets you convert anonymous website visitors into potential leads with the help of integrated, custom website forms. No coding, no technical expertise required!

Forms spark interactions with visitors, letting businesses collect user information, register them and even get feedbacks.

  • Create Custom Forms within seconds
  • Visitors who fill out the form will be automatically connected to your CRM
  • Embed the form onto your site in just few clicks- don’t need a tech whiz for that!

Not just creating forms, but Zogata helps you automate your workflows as well!


Build Your Own Forms

Get your form ready in seconds!

Create Online Web forms the easy way with our Drag and Drop Form Builder. Customize your online forms as per your requirements, by simply dragging and dropping elements such as images, fonts, CTAs and so on.

With Zogata, you can create order forms, subscription forms, invitations, registration forms, contact requests, surveys, and so much more.

Customize Fields

Each element of the form can be carved as per your choice. Adjust colors, labels, text, and several other options to create exactly what you need. You will have full control over the functionality and design of your web forms.

Fully Responsive Design

Our Web Forms can dynamically adapt to any device, across all browsers for seamless user experience.


Embed Form Anywhere

Quickly share your forms or embed it anywhere!

With Zogata's web form builder software, you can embed forms on your social media profiles, websites or practically anywhere within few seconds!

Templates to Choose From

Choose your desired template from our extensive pre-built templates library to create your web form.

Ready-to-use, mobile-responsive form templates help you create any online form instantly.

Serves Your Style

Whether you want your web form to appear as a pop up, iframe or even as a button, Zogata's form creator software gets your custom form up and running anywhere on your site.

Get Quick Notifications

Never be oblivious to a submission again! Get email alerts right when your website visitor fills out the form. Assign tasks to right marketing member to take heed of respondent’s answers.

Views and Submits

With our form automation software, be in the know which forms are being viewed and what are the submission rates, all at one dashboard. These stats will tell you the reach of your forms and which ones are working best.

Trigger Automated Messages

As soon as your website visitor submits a form, you can trigger automatic success notifications or emails conveying your 'Thank you'.

Get Started Today!

Zogata transforms the way you collect, share and analyze your visitors’ data. Our software is loaded with significant features and functionality to help you go beyond just digitizing online forms. Collect information from your respondents and trigger targeted actions for high conversion rates.

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